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Photopolymer Clear Stamps

Welcome to Joy Clair. We design and manufacture the highest quality photopolymer stamps in the USA right here in Dalton, Georgia. Designing and making our own stamps allows us to control quality at every stage in the process from artwork to the final product.

We believe that our photopolymer stamps are the highest quality clear stamps on the market today. They are perfectly clear, have no odor, have sharp and deep etch depth, adhere well to acrylic blocks, have excellent ink transfer and are resistant to yellowing.

Although our clear stamps are perfectly crystal clear, the images on our backer cards are colored to give you an indication as to what the final colored image may look like.

What is the difference between a high quality and a low quality clear stamp ?

- Etch ( image ) depth : Low quality stamps may have a shallow etch depth. This can cause ink to pool and fill in some areas of the image. Good quality clear stamps will be deeply etched similar to regular rubber stamps. Our stamps have sharp and deep image etch depth and our QC measures this to ensure it is within specification.

- Image Reproduction : Low quality stamps may not reproduce detailed images well. They may be missing small dots or fine lines. Our specifications can reproduce images with isolated dots and lines as fine as 0.010"

- Smell : Low quality stamps may be made with inferior chemical formulations which can cause a strong odor. Our stamps are made with the highest printing industry quality photopolymer and only have minimal odor.

- Tack Level : Low quality stamps may not adhere well to acrylic blocks or may be very sticky. Our stamps are designed to have enough "tack" to adhere well to acrylic blocks and yet not be sticky and gooey.

- Ink Transfer : Low quality stamps may be made out of inferior photopolymer or silicone which may not transfer ink well. Our stamps are made out of the highest printing industry quality photopolymer. Our polymer is specifically designed for its superior ink transfer properties over a high volume of impressions.

- Yellowing : Low quality stamps made of a lower grade photopolymer may yellow very quickly. Our clear stamps are clear, not yellow. Clear stamps allow for easy inking and positioning of the stamped image.


How do you recommend I care for my photopolymer stamps ? 

- Clean stamps immediately after using and store on the printed acetate sheet in the clear bag your stamps came in. Use a clear stamp cleaner or mild soap and water. Gently wipe the stamps dry before storing. Do not use solvent based cleaners, acetone, bleach or oil based cleaners on stamps. Certain inks (pigment based inks) may discolor or stain clear stamps; however, this will not affect the quality of the stamp.

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